Why Community Service?    

We feel that by having our youth and young adults out in the community
providing needed service projects or various SACK (Simple Acts of Christian Kindness) outreach events, that we can show the Love of Christ through these kids and the Ministry.  It is important to understand the act of giving to others in need whether through beautification projects, visitation of the elderly, or by just washing cars and handing out a cold bottle of water on a hot day in South Florida.  We are looking at various local charities that assist Orphans or Adults in need of assistance in our own neighborhoods that our community service projects will benefit. 

These include:

Woodhouse I, II, & III (Adult homes for disabled)

His House (Foster & Adoption of Children)

Street Adoption (Cleaning our Community)

More in the Future!!!    

Why Concerts?

It is more challenging to reach today's youth than ever before. You must consider what they are being taught in school, the ongoing breakdown of the family, and their peer influences. Christian concerts are unique. We have found that many decisions are made and many seeds are planted through our concert ministry. Many times people will attend a concert before ever considering going to church. We want to help them make life changing decisions for Christ and help guide them to an ongoing relationship with Him. We also want to encourage them to worship and fellowship regularly at a local Church of their choice.

The Music
is RELEVANT: We promote bands with fresh sounds

and positive messages that appeal to today’s music fans.

The Ministry is INTENTIONAL: We want to encourage artists

 of faith and partner with them in their ministry as they share

 the Gospel through their music.

The Message is ETERNAL: We pray that Christ’s love will be

revealed to non-believers in a comfortable setting, and we

want to offer an uplifting time to believers as well so that all

God’s people leave a concert having sensed the presence of God.

How You Can Help! 

Prayer:  Daily to accomplish our mission and impact our community.

  To help at events in the areas of hospitality, security, running errands, load in/out, merchandise, and other needs with concert events.  To assist with our various Youth Outreach Service Projects in the local community.

 If your organization or business would like to help us through in-kind donations such as food, hotels, and items or prayerfully consider a cash sponsorship to offset our expenses, please contact us for more information.

 As we are a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization, your donations are fully tax-deductible.  We are registered with the IRS and the State of Florida.

All donations will be used to accomplish our mission.

Spread the Word: 
 To your Church, Youth Groups, and Friends through word of mouth, social media, and email!!!  We need your skills to help with awareness!!!



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